I’ll Be Back!

Love photoIn case you’ve been wondering about the slightly diminished output at Janos.nyc during the past few weeks, let me lay it on you: I’m getting married Saturday! Planning an awesome wedding is a lot of work, with seemingly infinite moving parts, but in 48 hours it’s finally going down. After the wedding we’ll be taking a few days away, and I hope to be back in the game by June 29. While I’m gone you can celebrate Today in NYCs on your own. Some of these are really great, and I’ll take a swing at them next year.

June 19: New York City threw a ticker-tape parade for General Dwight “Ike” Eisenhower, commander of the Allied forces during World War II. (1945)

June 20: This being parade season, New York City threw a ticker-tape parade for Nelson Mandela, who had recently been released from prison. (1990)

June 21: Liza Minelli released the iconic anthem, “New York, New York.” Frank Sinatra’s cover, recorded shortly after, and one of Frank’s last works, would go on to greater acclaim. (1977)

June 22: Joe Louis defeated Max Schleming at Yankees Stadium. The German had beaten Louis at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, and with Nazism on the rise, this was more than just a boxing match. (1938)

June 24: The U.S. Supreme Court determines a new standard for obscenity in Roth v. U.S. The defendant was a New Yorker who dealt literotica and nude photos. Though he lost, the court’s new definition of obscenity was a step up from the prudish standards that had been operative since the 1800s. (1957)

June 27: Aaron Burr challenges Alexander Hamilton to a duel. We’ll be back in time to cover the actual duel, which took place a week later. (1804)

June 28-29: The Stonewall Riots, a landmark moment in the history of gay rights in the United States. (1970)

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