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Robert Caro once said that if globalization is going to work, it must work in New York first. This City has been the world’s greatest experiment in multiculturalism for centuries, drawing ambitious people with dreams and talent from across the country and the world to its five boroughs. From these dreams spring titans of political, economic and cultural power. Likewise, the strongest expressions of power have been met with cutting dissent.

Janos.nyc will focus on New York City’s rich history of dissent, and the underappreciated stories of the individuals and communities who shaped the culture that has endured here longer than any person or building.

There is nothing Janos loves more than New York City, except for maybe pizza and his fiancee, both of which are of New York City, a place Luc Sante calls “an implausible character, a monstrous vortex of contradictions, an attraction-repulsion mechanism so extreme no one could have made it up.”

Janos Marton is a lifelong New Yorker. After traveling the country post-college working on political campaigns and disaster response, Janos returned to the City for law school.  As an attorney he worked on civil rights cases, developed an expertise in campaign finance, and recently served as a special counsel to the Moreland Commission to Investigate Public Corruption.

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Janos.nyc welcomes guest articles, collaborations and interns.  To get in touch, fill out the contact form below.


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