NYC History: Links for the Weekend

A great feature on 99% Invisible about the “sandhogs” who build New York’s sewers, tunnels and bridge foundations. Narration by Roman Mars (?!).

Rooftop daredevil Dark.Cyanide takes epic photos of the New York skyline from city rooftops.

Familiar with the Curious Case of Sidd Finch, the fastest pitcher in world history? In 1985 the Mets and Sports Illustrated pulled off one of the best April Fools pranks of all-time. Thirty years later, this short ESPN doc takes us back.

The Bowery Boys take a look at the history of Bryant Park in this two-part podcast.

I like this opener from the New York Times: “The Lenape tribe got a better deal on the sale of Manhattan island than New York City’s pension funds have been getting from Wall Street, according to a new analysis by the city comptroller’s office.” Stunning report from Scott Stringer’s office. Wall Street’s exorbitant fees on pension funds have been talked about for a while, but this is practically abuse.

Futility Closet has a nice post on Moving Day, the one day a year that most New Yorkers used to move apartments. As you can imagine, chaos ensued. We’ll be take a look at this ourselves on May 1.

If you come across great links about New York City over the course of the week, please send them over or post them on our Facebook page.

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