Last Call for Winter Fundraising

Dear readers,

The last month has been incredibly exciting. The site’s content has been well received, and last week we held a successful fundraiser. This endeavor is incredibly rewarding, but it needs support. We currently have an Indiegogo campaign going until Wednesday. If you can find the time between now and then to contribute $10 or $20, it would make a big difference in allowing this work to carry on:

As you can tell by looking around the site, in the past month has produced the following:

1) An article on the history of black/police relations in New York City.

2) An article on Martin Luther King in New York City.

3) Editorials calling for Sheldon Silver to resign, and asking tough questions of his replacement, Carl Heastie.

4) A daily series called “Today in New York City History” that has covered everything from public school boycotts, epic snowstorms, garbage strikes and pre-NBA basketball in the City.

5) The first of many guest articles, a critique of Mayor de Blasio’s artist housing proposal.

6) NYC-related book reviews, most recently Graham Rayman’s NYPD Tapes.

Looking ahead, we’ll be starting a new podcast series about the “Elegant 1880s”, a collaborative project with an 8th grade history class and a New York City storytelling night.

I hope to make this the last fundraising push until the spring, so I appreciate your indulgence. Even if you can’t contribute, I hope you keep reading!

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